Insert Text for Excel 2.1: Insert text before and/or after existing text in an excel worksheet.

Insert Text for Excel 2.1

Insert Text is a Microsoft Excel add-on tool that allows users to quickly and easily insert text before or after existing text in a worksheet. Insert Text even includes the ability to undo changes. Download the trial and give it a try. The trial version is limited to 3 characters that can be inserted before and/or after any text. To purchase a serial number please feel free to visit

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Typinator 4.5: Automates typing of frequently used text and pictures and auto-corrects typos

Typinator 4.5

insert the current date and/or time in arbitrary formats with a few keystrokes, auto-correct your most frequent typos in all applications system-wide, predefined sets for auto-correction, HTML, Filemaker functions, import snippets from other typing utilities, including Textpander, TextExpander, and TypeIt4Me, insert pictures, such as smilies or bullets, insert Unicode symbols by typing a few special regular characters (e.g., type -> to insert an

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PDF Date Stamp PDF Date Stamp watermarking PDFs documents. PDF Watermarking files tool.

PDF Date Stamp

insert into PDF page set location and angle within documents. PDF stamping software can insert to make document watermarking & how to add watermark. PDF watermarked set page range, watermark colour, text angle, text locations within entire PDF documents. Watermark in PDF Software can be placed on top or in background of page. PDF insert watermark to insert date, time, page number, images, logo, author and file name to PDF pages. PDF watermarking

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Power Flash 1.0: Insert Flash movie into PowerPoint.

Power Flash 1.0

Power Flash is a PowerPoint plug-in, it can insert Flash movie into slide. Besides, it has many expanding function, including directly inserting FLV films, MP3 media player, scrolling text, photo album, clock, MPG films, WMV films, WMA sound and even inserting web pages into slides. All of above can be accomplished simply by clicking the mouse button. It can make your slides more wonderful and attractive.

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PageManager 1.5: This Adobe Acrobat plug-in offers you facilities to manage your PDF documents.

PageManager 1.5

The PageManager allows you to create, remove, insert and replace pages from within PDF files. This functionality is similar to the Insert, Extract, Delete and Replace options within standard Acrobat but with additional functionalities such as the creation of a new (empty) PDF document and the specification of the size of any new pages that are to be inserted.

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Insert Date in PDF 3.5: Insert date in PDF by Date Stamp Software.

Insert Date in PDF 3.5

Do you need a help of any third party software with which you can insert date in PDF and manage the PDF pages in an organized way, Then PDF Bates numberer software will help you to insert date in PDF and adding secretive code in the PDF pages with prefix/suffix option.

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Microsoft Word Command Console 1.0: A must-have Word addin saves time, increases productivity. One-click commands.

Microsoft Word Command Console 1.0

inserting a canvas, inserting callouts and shapes, adjusting borders, brightness, and contrast, and even recording and playing back your own macros. No more searching through the Ribbon (ugh!) for the command you want. The Word Command Console Pro does it faster, and better. Dynamically change spacing of lines, paragraphs, and characters! Simply press the spin buttons and watch your text as it adjusts. Dynamically indent or outdent text. Insert footnotes

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DataGen 0.9: Meaningful database filler

DataGen 0.9

insert meaningful testdata into any database you can connect to with ADO. Features: Support for MS-SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL etc. (any ODBC driver) Insert Identity columns Insert random data from text files DataGen comes with example datafiles for names, cities, streets, email addresses and companies in several languages. Insert regular expression templates Insert dates Insert random values from columns from other tables Save projects Select

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Bells & Whistles Outlook Add-in 3.0.175: Power up Outlook with extras that let you do more with common tasks.

Bells & Whistles Outlook Add-in 3.0.175

Bells & Whistles is an Outlook add-in... it helps you to quickly reply to emails by automatically inserting personalized email reply greetings, reply subject counters, email templates or even silent email notes... pre-define several Outlook productivity functions, including the reply message format, automatic BCC, Forward or Reply-To addresses, Outlook file attachment blocking, smart email notes... create and insert Outlook email templates.

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PopChar Win 5.2: Type special characters without the need to know the keyboard combos

PopChar Win 5.2

inserts accented characters, foreign letters and any other characters from all installed fonts, full Unicode support, inserts HTML symbols, remembers and highlights the most recently selected characters, exclude common characters (letters, digits and accents), lets you search for characters, lets you search for fonts containing a particular character, inserts characters in styled or unstyled mode, displays the keystrokes needed to create selected

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